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The Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society (CMAS) was founded in 1993 as a volunteer organization to bring together persons interested in the hobby of maintaining marine fish and invertebrates. Through monthly meetings, newsletters, and the Website, members and their guests share knowledge and experience in all aspects of the hobby and network with fellow hobbyists. In addition, CMAS sponsors local and nationally known experts to speak on various aspects of marine aquarium keeping.

Benefits Include:
  • Monthly meetings with various guests
  • Discount tickets to CMAS special events
  • 10%-15% discounts from participating local and online retailers
  • Workshops on topics such as coral propagation
  • Road trips to exciting destinations
  • Swap livestock and equipment with other members

Note: Annual renewals will take place during January of each year. New membership is pro-rated (by quarter) during the year.

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Individual ($25.00) Family ($35.00) Corporate ($50.00) Student ($0.00)

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CMAS New Member Survey

Please take a moment to complete the following survey so that CMAS may better serve the interest of our members. Completion of this survey is optional.

Do you currently own a marine aquarium? Yes No

What size tank(s) do you own (in gallons)?

What type of tank(s) do you own?

What is your skill level?

What type of articles and information would you like to see on the website or forum?

What topics and/or guest speakers would you like to hear at the meetings?

Do you have any special skill(s) that you would be willing to share with other members? (i.e. electrical, computer, plumbing, etc).

Is there a role in the club you would be interested in performing? (i.e. Meeting setup/cleanup, leadership role, etc).