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FALL NEWS Posted By: ortegah Posted On 09-06-2011 12:36 PM

Been wanting to get more involved with the club? Or know someone else who'd like to? CMAS is currently accepting nominations for the Board positions of President and Secretary, with the final election to be held at the holiday meeting in December.

Please see this thread for details.

2014 CMAS Event Schedule

Note that this schedule is subject to constant change, but should reflect the most currently available information. Please check here or the forum event calendar for changes within a week of the event.
Coming up:
November - CMAS officer nominations (President and Secretary this year).
December - CMAS officer elections. Working on an online voting process.
Sunday - December 7, 2014
CMAS holiday meeting and 2015 officer elections - date pending confirmation from Spring Hill Suites hotel.
January 2015 (date TBD)
CMAS winter meeting - DIY theme.

Please note: Our regular meetings used to be held at the SpringHill Suites hotel near BWI, but they've recently imposed some rate increases which have made this impractical for us.  So we've decided to hold meetings at the homes of local members for a while.  The specific location will be posted prior to every meeting, as this is subject to change from month to month.
All times are GMT -5. The time now is 10:12 PM.

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