Want to view this site on a mobile device?  Read this on following CMAS with TapaTalk.

Tonight I installed the server side TapaTalk software on our site, and have confirmed that it's working.  This is great because the website design isn't really usable in a portable device browser yet, so using TapaTalk will give you this visibility as well as other nifty features.

If you're not familiar with TapaTalk, it's a very inexpensive mobile device app that can manage access to multiple forum sites and organize the forum data on those sites for easy viewing.  You can read more about it at the TapaTalk website, and it's very easy to find through whatever app library tools you're already used to using (such as the Apple Store).

On the other hand, if you were already using TapaTalk to follow the old site, you'll need to remove that site from your profile first and then add the new site.  This is because the old site URL has been unregistered with TapaTalk, and the new site uses a slightly different URL.

  • On an Apple device, you swipe the forum banner to the left and select Delete to remove it from your profile.
  • To add the new site, use the Search button (the binoculars icon) and enter "CMAS".  The new site will have the updated logo on it - just make sure you don't select the Chicago Marine Aquaria Society by accident.
  • Once you've added the site to your TapaTalk profile, enter your CMAS credentials and you should be good to go.

Hopefully you'll find this helpful and not hard to figure out.  I'm not a major smartphone guy but I got it to work pretty quickly, so I'm sure you folks will as well.  Enjoy!