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TOPIC: White Fuzz on Live Rock - A CURE

White Fuzz on Live Rock - A CURE 4 months 3 weeks ago #161649

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White fuzz. I don't have any pics at the moment but if this is something you have than you know what I'm talking about. I don't know if anyone else has this problem. I've had people say oh its probably diatoms or probably dinoflangellates. Deep down I knew it wasn't but without any other info I was just lost waiting for someone else to figure this problem out.

In short the fuzz is caused by deodorants. Either from freshly cleaned carpets or air fresheners (maybe even from letting our armpits hit the water line).

This fuzz, which is indeed a bacteria, covers rocks and gets darker and thicker until its almost a solid booger and nothing wants to eat it.

"Dr. Tim Hovanec recommended the use of Re‐Fresh initially at a dose of 5‐ml per 10‐gallons every other day for 7‐10 days. He went on to say that adding 35% hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 2‐3 mls per 10‐gallons in conjunction with the Re‐Fresh would be very beneficial; however, our experiences indicate that some corals (mostly soft, but some stony) and certain species of fish (large angels in particular) can react adversely to the concentrated H2O2, so be careful with the 35% stuff.
Once the slime has broken down, he said, we should change the additive to Waste‐Away. Also on an every other day basis, the Waste‐Away would be used at a 5‐ml per 10‐gallon dose for two treatments, then raised to 10‐
ml per 5‐gallons after that. Once the slime has been eliminated, the Waste‐Away can be used as a routine maintenance product.
After only three doses of Re-Fresh, the slime was retreating.
By the end of the first ten days adding the Re-Fresh, the slime was almost completely broken down, and we switched to adding the Waste-Away. Also on an every other day basis, the Waste-Away was used at a 5-ml per 10-gallon dose for two treatments, then raised to 10-ml per 5-gallons after that. It is now day 25, and the slime has now been completely eradicated.
We will now begin the protocol of using Waste-Away as a routine maintenance product, adding 10-ml per 5-gallons once weekly."

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White Fuzz on Live Rock - A CURE 4 months 2 weeks ago #161656

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I had that in the past ,indeed it was a bacterial bloom the tank was less than 15 months old.
Carbon dosing a balanced bacteria will outcompete the bad stuff.
Yes, leaving empty wine glasses or beer around your tank can cause this too!
It's just money...go ahead, spend it.
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Re:White Fuzz on Live Rock - A CURE 3 months 2 weeks ago #161803

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I'm really glad the occasional full drink glass doesn't have any adverse effects...I guess it's kinda sorta carbon dosing in a condensed form...heh!
Not recommended in smaller tank volumes, mind you...

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