Bylaws of Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society (CMAS)


Article I - NAME

§ 1 - The name of this society shall be "Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society" (CMAS). 

§ 2 - The name of this society shall not be used by any individual or group of individuals for self representation or self gain without expressed written consent of the majority of Executive Board Members.



Our goals in the formation of this society are to further our knowledge of the hobby which will hopefully enhance our success in providing the best ecosystem available for our marine fish and invertebrates including corals and to foster the captive breeding and propagation of fish and invertebrates including corals.



§ 1 - By proper application, membership is open to any person who has attained the age of thirteen (13) 

§ 2 - Membership shall be divided into the following categories:

  1. Individual - Single membership of any person.
  2. Student - Single membership of any person who is a student in grade school grades K-12th OR enrolled in College pursuing a Marine Biology degree.
  3. Family - Up to two adults and teenage children through the age of seventeen (17) residing at the same address. {VOTING - 2 votes (one per person)}
  4. Commercial - Business membership entitled to two (2) membership cards to be used by employees of that business. Cards for additional employees may be purchased at the current up charge. {VOTING - 2 votes (one per person)}
  5. Lifetime - Any person awarded a free lifetime membership for outstanding service to the society by unanimous vote of the Executive Board. {VOTING - 1 vote}
  6. Honorary - Any person or business awarded a free one (1) year membership for an outstanding contribution to the society by majority vote of the Executive Board. {NON-VOTING} 

§ 3 - Privileges of Membership: 

  1. Voting privileges as described in Article III, Sec.2, A-D, for Executive Board Elections and other matters brought before the General Membership.
  2. Use of Society Library. Member must follow all policies governing use of materials or property.
  3. Each membership shall be entitled to receive one subscription of the official publications of the society.
  4. Participation at all society functions shall be preferential to members.
  5. Privileges of membership shall not be limited to the above. 

§ 4 - Requirements of Membership:

  1. All members must abide by these bylaws and maintain interest in the activities of the society.
  2. Members must conduct themselves in an orderly fashion. Conduct not becoming a member of this Society shall be grounds for dismissal from an activity and expulsion from the Society.
  3. Expulsion of any member may be made by a majority of members present at any regular or special General Membership Meeting.
  4. All prospective members shall submit an application accompanied by membership dues payable to the Society.
  5. No Refund shall be paid if a member resigns or is expelled.
  6. Membership is not transferable. Membership and voting privileges shall terminate upon resignation or expulsion. 

§ 5 - Dues

  1. Dues shall be set annually by the Executive Board, who shall be fully accountable to the General Membership in the uses of dues received.
  2. Annual dues shall be due on the membership anniversary date (as of the first day of the month the member joined).
  3. Annual dues are considered delinquent after 60 days past renewal date. If payment is not received by the end of the 60 day period and after reminder notification is given, the member shall be removed from the membership roster, forfeiting all benefits of the Society.



§ 1 - General Membership meetings schedule shall be determined and published on the society web site when finalized by the Executive Board. 

§ 2 - Due notice of any changes shall be conveyed to the General Membership in a timely manner on the society web site 

§ 3 - Executive Board meetings shall be held at least bi-monthly. The General Membership shall be advised of the time and location in the newsletter. Minutes of each meeting shall be taken by the Secretary. 

§ 4 - Special or emergency meetings may be called by the President if deemed necessary.



§ 1 - The Executive Board shall consist of the elected Officers and Standing Committee Chairpersons. 

§ 2 - The Officers of the society shall be that of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, who shall each serve a two (2) year term. 

§ 3 - The Standing Committees of the Society shall be Membership, Event Coordinator, Public Relations, Fund Raising and Volunteers, Library, Web Page Editor and Forum Moderator. Standing Committee Chairpersons shall each serve a two (2) year terms. 

§ 4 - A quorum consists of 2/3 members of the Executive Board. 

§ 5 - Each Executive Board member shall have only one (1) vote regardless of the number of positions held. However, multiple positions will be considered when establishing a quorum. 

§ 6 - A simple majority vote is required unless stated otherwise in bylaws. 

§ 7 - The Executive Board can fill any vacancy by appointment with a majority vote of remaining board members. 

§ 8 - Any Executive Board member who fails to attend three (3) consecutive board meetings shall be subject to immediate dismissal from office and replaced at the Board's earliest convenience. 

§ 9 - In keeping with the best interest of the Society, any board member may be removed from office by a majority vote of the General Membership at any regular or special meeting.



§ 1 - The Executive Board is to conduct essential business of the Society and to set operating policy. 

§ 2 - Duties of the Officers are as follows:

  1. President - Presides at all business meetings. Creates committees to assist in accomplishing the purposes of the Society, and appoints chairpersons and members of such committees. Supervises the affairs of the Society and all committees. Insures and supervises the publication of the Society Newsletter. Takes any other actions as authorized or required by these bylaws. The president shall be accessible to all members of the Society.
  2. Vice President - Assumes duties of the President in the event of his/her absence, withdrawal, inability, or refusal to act. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the President. Obtains monthly meeting locations and arranges for any required equipment for guest speakers. Shall be a member of all committees.
  3. Secretary - Shall serve notices as required by these bylaws. Keeps minutes of Executive Board meetings and the annual Meeting in March. Attendance will also be kept. Shall form Correspondence Committee for corresponding with other Aquarium Societies and Clubs.
  4. Treasurer - Responsible for maintaining a bank account and dealing with all money transactions of the Society. All withdrawals and deposits will be done by this person. Responsible for the timely payment of all bills incurred by the Society and authorized by the Executive Board. Prepares and submits written, itemized reports of receipts and expenditures, as well as annual budget at the Annual Meeting. Prepare and submit all reports required by any government agency. 

§ 3 - Duties of the Standing Committee Chairpersons are as follows:

  1. Membership Chairperson - Responsible for all duties associated with membership. Issues membership cards and maintains a current database of all members. Sends notifications of annual dues/membership renewal. Publishes a Membership Directory at least once a year. Supplies address labels to Newsletter Editor.
  2. Event Coordinator Chairperson - Responsible for coordinating all special activities and events including making arrangements for guest speakers.
  3. Public Relations Chairperson - Handles all public relations of the Society. Liaison to all sponsor related advertising. Provide activity announcements to Newsletter Editor. Handles Society advertising in magazines, newspapers, and any other publications.
  4. Fund Raising and Volunteer Coordinator - Coordinates all activities related to raising income (except dues) for Society. Solicits volunteers and explains which duties are needed. Liaison between volunteers and all other committee chairpersons and officers.
  5. Librarian - Responsible for and maintains inventory of all printed, video, and audio materials/property of the Society. Provides member access to these materials. Advises Executive Board of additional material the Society should acquire. Coordinates purchase and production of library additions.
  6. Web Page Editor - Responsible for and maintains the society web page. Responsible to keep the society web page current ( i.e., maintain the sponsor web site, post current event articles to include the state of the reefs and other appropriate news in the News section of the site, and keep the web software up to date).
  7. Forum Moderator - Responsible for all contents contained on the society web site. This will include the monitoring all web site traffic to ensure the appropriateness of the subject matter. The moderator has the authority, along with all other Executive Board and committee members, to remove any topic that is deemed inappropriate or offensive. 

§ 4 - Any Executive Board member may form sub-committees to assist in fulfilling their duties. These committee members report directly to the Executive Board member; however, the Executive Board member is still primarily responsible for these duties.



§ 1 - Officers shall be elected for a two (2) year term. Elections falling on an even number year shall include president and Secretary. Elections on an odd number year shall include Vice President and Treasurer. 

§ 2 - Standing Committee Chairpersons shall be appointed by the Executive Board for a two year term. 

§ 3 - There shall be no limit on the number of terms a member can serve. 

§ 4 - Nominees must have been a member in good standing for at least six (6) months. 

§ 5 - All nominations for the Executive Board must be submitted with the prior consent of the nominee by the deadline of the October General Membership meeting for publication on the society web page. 

§ 6 - Elections shall be held by secret ballot at the November General Membership meeting. Executive Board members shall be elected by a majority vote of members present. 

§ 7 - The newly elected Executive Board members shall assume office on January 1st of the following year.



§ 1 - Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Executive Board for review before going to the General Membership for a vote. 

§ 2 - A copy of any proposed amendment will be mailed to the General Membership thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

§ 3 - Amendments shall be passed by a majority of the General Membership at the Annual Meeting. 

§ 4 - All approved amendments shall be published in the newsletter.


Article IX - PRIVACY

Name and address rosters are the exclusive property of this Society. Mailing lists are not to be sold or transferred to any person or organization unless approved by the Executive Board.